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Areas of Expertise

We have a diverse and extensive practice providing a full range of legal services in the following practice areas: Litigation, Dispute Resolution: Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation, Corporate Finance/Mergers and Acquisitions, Taxation, Foreign Investment & Privatisation, Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Real Estate and Construction, Labour Law: Employment, Benefits and Pension, Banking & Banking Regulations, Oil and Gas, Intellectual Property; Copyright, Trademarks and Patents, Insurance



Our renowned team of experienced litigators provide excellent services in all facets of civil/criminal litigation/prosecution and defence.

Dispute Resolution

Our team of experienced, high calibre Arbitrators provide Clients with excellent dispute resolution services. We have through the years proven our ability to settle disputes through our expert knowledge of both regulatory and governmental procedures.

Corporate Finance/Mergers and Acquisitions.

Our recognized expertise in stock – exchange regulation accounts for our being frequently consulted on issues of financial policy.


Our wealth of experience in this practise area dates back to the 70′s, giving us an edge and the requisite experience in tax practices.

Foreign Investment & Privatisation

As accredited agents of the Corporate Affairs Commission, we incorporate companies or joint ventures, advice and secure the various licences.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Our dynamic lawyers, advise on several IT disputes especially in telecommunications, both before any formal dispute has arisen and after proceedings have been initiated.

Real Estate and Construction

We have built a strong Corporate Real Estate practice focused on the acquisition of real estate portfolios in Nigeria.

Labour : Employment, Benefits and Pensions

Our lawyers have extensive experience on Employment law. Specifically we advise on service/employment contracts and related documents, individual and group benefits, individual and group severance arrangements and pension schemes.

Banking & Banking Regulations

Our vast litigation experience in Banker and Banker disputes, Banker and customer disputes, has made us giants in this practice area.

Oil and Gas

Under our O&G practise, we among other things advise on compliance issues, draw-up and advise on complex multi-party Joint Venture Agreements and MOU’s, mediate in oil and gas disputes, represent clients in O&G arbitrations and high profile litigations.

Intellectual Property; Copyright, Trademarks and Patents

We advise clients on the creation, exploitation and enforcement of Copyright, trademarks and patents.


Our insurance practise draws its strength from our practise in the following practise areas viz: banking, taxation, corporate finance, real estate and construction, Labour, litigation and Arbitration.